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Hayward & Scott back box for WRXS?


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Does anyone have this? See link: http://www.haywardandscott.com/subaru-h-and-s-new-age-backbox.html

My current exhaust is the standard prodrive set up that comes with the WRX-S hatchback, but it doesn't have that classic sound. I don't want a loud 'shouty' exhaust, but I'd really like to get closer to the distinctive Subaru burble. Can anyone recommend a back box that will give me this?


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Sorry mate, you may aswell buy a classic scoob for what it will cost to get the burble.

In 2006 Subaru changed from the unequal length header which gave the scoob it's classic burble to an equal length header which is better for performance and efficiency.

If you really want the burble you can get it back, but it means a complete front to cat back exhaust system. Plus remapping. Then you'll also have to fiddle and relocate a few wires and sensors in the engine bay.

It's entirely doable, just be prepared to Shell out plenty of cash.

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