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EGR Valve removal/disable


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Hi peeps.

For years I have been removing or blanking off the EGR valves on my diesel Landrovers and works vans. The engines run smoother and believe it or not the MPG is improved over a few tanks worth of fuel. Must be because they are not breathing all that filthy exhaust.

Is this something that can be easily done on a 2.5 non turbo Outback motor?

Are there any drawbacks to doing this on a petrol motor?

I have found what I believe is the EGR valve on the top of the head on the right hand side of the motor as you look at it from the front. I'm assuming there is an internal gallery in the head that connects the exhaust to the inlet as there is no sign of a feeder pipe from the exhaust manifold?

Any thoughts and ideas would be much appreciated.

Let the discussion begin.


Shifty aka Steve

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In all honesty I couldn't tell you but have seen a few people do it on the Impreza. I know really it's just to push crap back into the engine to burn it all again so can't see why it wouldn't improve it :) 

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