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  1. I tried the firefox extension and it don't seem to work
  2. Cleaned the MAF as it looked very black. Fitted five new tyres. Now skint.
  3. A friendly tester might shove the probe up another vehicles exhaust for beer vouchers as long as the boss is not around. Well that's what they did with mine when I had all the aggro with my cats. Glad to say it's now sorted.
  4. Four new tyres just in time for winter. Now skint until the end of the month but that's life.
  5. Why not get the injectors serviced at a specialists? That way you get a warranty on any work and they can flow test and make sure the spray pattern is good. I'm not a fan of stuff you tip in the tank.
  6. Yes mate they were doing a short notice limited time promo deal just before Christmas (I think they were a bit slack). Normally it was going to be around £80 per wheel so I thought wtf and went for it. I had five 16" standard Outback alloys re-furbed and colour changed to gunmetal from silver. They even did the alloy centre caps to match for free which was nice. The previous lady owner of my car fitted snow chains (not very well) and they mullered every wheel which is why I got the car cheap. I've got to go back and get my new tyres fitted in a week or two as I don't trust Kwik-Twit not to scratch them or stick a shed load of balance weights everywhere except where they are needed. I think once you go above 16s the price goes up quite steeply. Get yourself on their faceache page and mailing lists as they often have short term deals on offer when they are quiet.
  7. Wiring issue? I can't see you killing a lambda sensor in 100 miles no matter how bad your engine was.
  8. I had all five wheels done on my Outback for £300 all in at "The Wheel Specialists" in Farnborough. Tyres off, acid dipped, any damage repaired, shot blasted, powder coated inside and out, diamond cut, clear coated, tyres refitted with new valves, wheels invisibly balanced, three year guarantee on the finish, and all done in a day. As good as new and a lot less effort.
  9. My mechanic simply leaves a warning flyer on the dash stating that new brake pads have been fitted along with advice on breaking them in. They never do a road test unless specifically asked to do so to diagnose an issue and always with the owners written consent. He also said that if he felt it necessary to begin bedding the brakes in he would use the rollers on the mot bay much like they do during the mot test. Arguably the driver is guilty of "taking without consent" as you only asked them to change the brakes which does not require a road test - let alone a speeding road test.
  10. Had my wheels done by these: Better than new and very reasonable. Got five done for the price of four as I have a full size alloy spare. Went for a colour change from diamond cut silver to satin gunmetal. Better than new and looks the dogs. My wheels were all trashed when the previous owner put snow chains on which I used to knock the price down knowing I'd get them refurbed. Not sure if they come to you but I borrowed a spare set of wheels from my mate and dropped my wheels off. They were done within 24 hours so I collected them next day. They even fitted them while I was there which was handy. I'll deffo use them again and they are a fraction of the price of new wheels.
  11. I think his pride got in the way. Nothing wrong with the workmanship it was just that the supplied cats were not fit for purpose. As you said it was a shame I had to resort to lodging a court claim.
  12. OK at last the saga is over. The exhaust man has contacted my solicitor with an "out of court" offer which I have now accepted. In effect he has refunded me the complete cost of the original stainless exhaust. It seems the notification of court action focused his mind. Thanks for all your input and support over the last year and I now have a motor that easily passes the MOT. I learnt a lot about how modern fuel injection systems work and also have a Subaru diagnostics report that confirms my engine is in tip top order. Now I can just enjoy driving it. Cheers
  13. Howdy peeps. Thought you might like to know the resolution to this issue. After the exhaust company changed out the cats for two new ones the emissions problem still persisted. The exhaust bloke said it must be engine related so as I was sure there was not an underlying engine problem I took a chance and sprung for some OEM Subaru cats. The exhaust bloke fitted the OEM cats and modified the exhaust as a cat back system and guess what? The emissions are now bang on the money proving both sets of cats he supplied were as much use as a chocolate teapot. He has refused point blank to refund the purchase price of the original cats stating that all the extra work he has done was not charged for so we are quits. He seems to forget the extra work and expense would not have been necessary if his cats had worked properly in the first place. Therefore I have now lodged a claim in the courts under the Sale of Goods act as the cats were not fit for purpose. I have all the evidence needed to support the claim and due to his hard nosed attitude I will be claiming for all out of pocket expenses, loss of earnings, and associated costs such as independent Subaru diagnostics etc. The case goes to court in Feb next year and I shall enjoy taking his pants down to the princely sum of some £3000 and counting which he could have resolved for £600. Sorry for the lack of updates until now but I have been a tad busy with work and domestic trivia.