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Trackday Wheels

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What are the best sized wheels to run on a classic scooby for trackdays?

I currently have the facelift 17's on but debating wether 16's would be better but i'm about to fit some newage 4 pot calipers also. Will 16's clear the calipers ok?

Anybody selling any trackday tyres at all?


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If you've got a 2nd set of rims great.

If your considering road and track use I do some research. I've always considered them impractical for every day use as wet performance is always the biggest loss on these types of tyre. And wear would be a factor as they need to bet upto temp and are quite a soft compound.

This site is a great source of info on tyres. They have most of the popular makes listed.


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Hi Pete. I'm lucky enough to have my scooby as a second car as my everyday car is a company car so my scooby only gets used at weekends and will be going on track too so I don't mind having semi slick tyres fitted as I don't need to use it as an everyday car.

I will have a look at the link as I've heard the federal rsr tyre is a good all rounder.

Thanks again.

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