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Mud flaps

CastAway Guy

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I have had them in the past, only downside I can think of is reverse parking and trapping the rear flap between kerb and tyre, tends to rip the rear bumper of that side.

If you are careful no reason it should cause a problem, just park a foot away from any kerb :)

Cost wise you get eBay ones for £30 or you can buy proper ones for £100+, as ever you get what you pay for.

Don't recall having to drill holes as the rear arch and front arch already had the holes for fixing in the bumper.

Even if you do have to drill holes it will only be on the edge of the arch of the rear plastic bumper no issues of rust or nasty visible holes if you take off again.

Check out Salsa thread of his flaps I think they were around £65 for a set of good ones.

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Don't know if I'm allowed to post links but I was thinking of them ?

Don't suppose you know if they will pretty much just clip on or do I need to start drilling ?

I understand about the reversing and parking etc, will be careful thanks for the tip.

I don't mind paying £100+ as long as they are decent tbh and easy to fit


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This is the thread with Salsa guide to fitting flaps. Pretty much the same for new age.


This is the performance creations new age flaps, exactly the same as scooby worlds by looks of it, with a choice of three materials. The top ones are more expensive than Scoobyworlds but a better quality material.


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my original fitting guide is here, where i  had to drill a few small holes.... dead easy though



pictures not showing.. look direct here. you'll work it out


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