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Legacy estate 2009 diesel are they problematic?


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I am looking at upgrading to a legacy estate as above.

I was told the early subaru boxer diesels were problematic with no further details about why they are problematic?

Can anyone shed some light on them, it is high mileage 130k, apart from fully history (as with any car with this mileage, or any car at all for that matter) is there any know problems with these?

Many thanks.


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I'm the same as you mate - just heard these stories about the diesel engines having issues, and that when issues do crop up, they tend to be very very costly to fix.


No real detail I'm afraid, but more than one used car dealer who specialised in main dealer Subaru part-ex's told me they hadn't quite got the boxer diesel engine right yet and he tended to turn down opportunities to take them from their arranged dealer. That was enough for me not to consider them to be honest. This information was offered up to me on more than one occasion.


I've had diesels of other marques before in years gone by, and had DPF issues too, so that has kind of put me off them anyway. I wasn't even someone who just pottered around town, but still the DPF would need a forced regeneration every few weeks. Driving needlessly at high revs for up to 30 mins kind of defeated the gains of increased mpg somewhat.


All this has LED me to be a happy petrolhead  :)


Hope that helps in some way......good luck with your search

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Hi everyone, thinking of buying a 2010 legacy 2dl diesel estate or equivalent(bmw3202lt diesel, accord 2.2 d-tec or mazda 6 2.2lt diesel) all are around the 110-130k miles but the Legacy is at 140k miles with a dealer engine overhaul?? I have not seem a Subaru reach this mileage and to be charging over 10k for this seems a lot. is there a lot of problems with these cars at this mileage.

The impreza of same engine is a lot less cost. what is the space in the rear seats of the Impreza as it is small in the Legacy (i'm 6ft).

I like the Subaru but it seem the Honda is winning in my head, heart say Subaru.

can anyone help?

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