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Impreza Turbo 1994 rear subframe bush replacement.

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Hi guy's ,hoping for a few hints (or a step by step guide if anyone has one) on replacing the 4 rear subframe bushes on my Impreza Wagon as the old ones have had it.Doesn't look too bad a job but I'm unsure wether the prop has to come off and drop the subframe or can they be fitted with a little bit of gentle persuasion once the bolts are out (breaker bar at the ready) .Also any particular make to look for ,don't want too harsh a ride .Any help/links appreciated

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Hi mate, not sure about your question re dropping it all but if you speak to one of the scooby specialists around I'm sure they'll be able to help you out. I use martin & dave in sheffield @ sheff subaru service, they've answered many a daft question when I've rung up.

As for bushes I'd just go for oem spec if you don't want the harshness of polyurethane ones, try www.importcarparts.co.uk for them, if you can't see what you want give them a bell as they'll probably have it in

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