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2015 WRX STI Leaking Suspension Damper?


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Hi All,

So today I was walking back to my car on the forecourt (Yeah, it drinks a lot!) and noticed a pool of water under my car by the front left suspension. Now it had been drizzling earlier that day but not enough I would imagine to create a pool like this after a few minutes.

Unfortunately it's been raining ever since, so I can't tell if it's leaking or just channeling rain water down to the front left suspension damper for some bizarre reason. Anyone got any advice to help me identify if its leaking or not? The garage is a fair drive away, so don't want to waste a trip!!


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Aha, didn't even think about that! Yes it was really muggy so I had the air conditioning on, it's dried up now and stopped dripping so I'm guessing it's not the suspension damper as I first feared... I'll take it for a quick drive without the air con and see if it still drips! Thanks a lot for the advice!!

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Haha, well it's good to know I'm not the only one, thanks!!

Yeah, I'm liking the car! To be honest I've only done around 500 miles in it so I'm still in the break in period. It's also the first performance car I've ever had so I'm probably not that well placed to do a proper 'review' but I do know that it accelerates stupidly quickly, stops stupidly quickly, and handles everything in between beautifully! It's a tad on the rattly side for a new car, but it's a scooby so you don't expect German smoothness! But yeah in general I think they've done an awesome job... I'll post a proper review once I've reached 1k miles and can open it up properly!

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