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power upgrade advice

nick Doyle

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I've just brought a 2.0 impreza gx sportswagon on an 02 plate with the auto box and I was just wondering if anybody knew of any good tuning tips or what I could get to bring the power up without bankrupting myself

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Congrats mate. I had a GX a few years ago. Great car.

Tricky one that mate. You could go buying K&N panel filter and do a remap but don't think it would be worth it in my opinion. You'll get into lots of money for little gain. Think I'd focus on lightening the car, try a higher octane like v power and improving the ride and stopping so you can go faster round the corners. GX has 16" wheels if I remember - you could get 2nd hand 17's. Also change the GX bonnet for a standard WRX/STI Alloy one.

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I believe the only differences between Saloon and wagon is the rear of the car. So Engine, bonnet, doors etc are all the same. GX just doesn't have the scoop. So yours will be a sheep in wolfs clothing lol.


I'd recommend Matty. He's a breaker who ships. You could give him a call and tell him you have a bug wagon in 01g silver (by the look of it?) and ask him what he's got. He's shipped a few things for me in the past (I am in Surrey too). 


Heres a blob he has. I don't think this will fit yours but you can see the prices and the kind of thing he does.





MB developments 
Unit 3 
Addenbrook street
Ws10 8hj

call or tx for quicker reply 07785942237


p.s. Hope Gambit and Steve don't mind me linking to other sites. Just trying to be helpful :)

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