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Speaker upgrade recommendations


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Hi guys,

Over the weekend I've just picked up my first Subaru... It's a 05 wrx with a prodrive pack, and I have to say it is shockingly quick.

When I first took it out for a test run I didn't even think of listening to the Stereo as the flat four gurgle sound was a dream to hear.

However sticking on the Stereo in traffic it sounded shockingly bad.

I'd like to keep the original head unit in as I quite like original look.

I think I need a speaker upgrade in the door panels but not to sure about a sub unless you can get a tidy one which somehow fits below the metal shelf in front of the boot lid.

I was wondering if anyone has any ideas.

Your thought's please.

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can get under seat subs, there good for what they are, as for speakers depends on your budget, i got some hertz in the RS for shows, paid £100 with comps , they are amped as well, problem with the scoob doors is there isnt much sound deadening as standard due to them been built for rallying, so some good 150w+ speakers should do for the doors, the biggest kick comes from changing the rears for 12cm items i think ? mine are 300w and give a right kick due to the size of the boot.

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Ash, in the blobeye, the rear speakers are in the back doors


i have fitted 6.5" coax speakers in the front doors (just need an adaptor ring, std speakers are 5") and they made a decent improvement. also get some sound deadening to put on the inside of the door behind the speaker. i used to have a pair of 15" subs running 'infinate baffle' (no box needed) and didn't take up much boot space.


have a look at the under seat subs, they offer a decent punch and help blend into the musical sound stage

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i changed the head unit first, so i haven't heard the std head unit with uprated speakers


i think it will be a better sound upgrading the head unit first. great speakers will only sound as good as the head unit can produce,

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