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TPS on 1993 Impreza, 1.8 auto

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Hello all... Totally new to all things Subaru... The wife had a Hyundai Santa Fe 06 plate. - worst car we've ever owned!.. So I've sold it and treated her to a £300 Impreza from that auction site... And tbh, it's brilliant...

1993 auto, 1.8L, 5 dr hatchback...

My question... The auto box sometimes holds gear at around 30mph... The self-diagnostic thingy notes a fault with the TPS (Throttle Sensor)...

I'm struggling to find one this side of the Atlantic for the EJ18 engine...because I think this car is an import... Is the 1.8 rare? Will any of the others do the same job? ie: will the 2litre engine one work?

Ta muchly in advance


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1.6 and 1.8 were very common in Japan and other markets, but not so in the UK. I believe it was offered here when the Impreza was launched in 1992 but didn't sell too well and was dropped by Subaru UK quite quickly. From then we only got the Sport (2.0 non-turbo) and the turbo 2000.

It may well be an import. The easy way to tell is to look at the VIN plate on the passenger side suspension tower in the engine bay. Have a look for the 7-digit "Applied Model Code". If digit 5 is a 'K' then it's a UK car, if it's a '5' then it's a Japaneese import.

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