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Fault codes P1496 and P1492

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I have had my 2004 X 2.0 Forester from new.   It has still only done 12k.


Although I used to  do all my car repairs and maintenance, I now suffer from something called Meniere's disease.    It causes severe vertigo.   Putting your head down or at angles can promote attacks.  Hence working on cars is now very difficult.


In May this year, the engine warning light came on.   The car continued to run perfectly.   It was a few days before I could take it to the Subaru dealer for a fault code read.    The crazy thing was that when I got in the car to take it there, the warning light did not come on: perhaps it was frightened!


I took it anyway.   The reader disclosed two faults in the memory.   P1496 EGR solenoid valve signal 3 circuit malfunction (low input).     P1492 EGR solenoid valve signal 1 circuit malfunction (low input).


Last week, the warning light came on again.   At the moment, I am assuming it is the same fault(s).   The car runs absolutely perfectly.


I have been in touch with the dealer.    The car is due for MOT and service and I will take it in the next couple of weeks.   However, the dealer says that those fault codes are just about unknown in their experience.   He didn't say they had never had them before, but that was the inference.


I would be very obliged if members might advise 'in real terms' what these faults are, and how they are put right.


Thank you.

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