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Fan belt slipping and pully jamming


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Me at the AUX belt sorry.

I have a little problem on my 99 sport guys.

It's squealing really bad when I move the wheels either way or whiles not moving and on full lock. My mechanic has looked at it and the Ely won't tighten anymore but he said the pulley is seizing up every now and then.

Would this just be the belt causing it or do you think the power steering pump is on it's way out?. Any advice or help would be greatfull.

Cheers guys

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I don't know when it was last changed or done buddy, I have no service history or any paperwork for it just previous MOT's on it so no idea. But I'm planning on getting it serviced soon

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Boo, saying that you'd need a sit down after hearing the price of a major service for a main dealer, may be worth having a look online for someone who knows their onions, my local one's an 80mile round trip but worth it for the expertise,

I wss in same position hardly any histiory etc so had cambelt and all pulleys & tensioners done along with a major service

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