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Hi. I've just fitted a whiteline Antirollbar to my 2014 forester diesel.

Kit BSR49Z comprising:

22mm ARB.

2 mount bushes

2 KRB15 mount support braces

2 Z5160 alloy locks to stop side movement

1 pack of grease.

Also bought:

KLC182: 2 adjustable HD drop links.

Purchased all from Scoobyworld. Any info, speak to john. First class quick delivery.

Fitting was straightforward. I used a powered ramp for easier access.

Note the Subaru ARB for SJ forester is same part number as earlier diesel SH.

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Is it an upgrade in thickness to the standard bar ?

The sf model has a tiny bar but will have to buy the reinforced supports too so I'll be looking to upgrade in the future when funds allow, will be interesting to hear your views once its been driven for a while

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Hi. Yes. it's an upgrade. The standard rear ARB is 16mm diameter. The whiteline is 20mm. I bought the adjustable bar which has 3 positions to attach the drop link.

This gives 3 different strengths to the bar.

I've used the middle hole. The end hole is milder, the inner hole is more rigid.

Driving immediately after fitting I felt it leaned a lot less on fast bends.

The suspension is still as before, driving normally.

Delivered price last week was £254.98 incl Vat and delivery, from Scoobyworld.co.uk

Their tel in Loughborough :

01509266400, ask for john.

I live near Torquay.

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