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Pioneer radio in 2014 forester XC


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I notice as standard the rear camera only shows on too small screen, not on large pioneer screen. Subaru assure me that's how it must be!

I bought an adjustable camera, mounted it behind my Witter towbar inset into the bumper (18mm hole. Camera came with correct hole saw).

Then ran cables: power + and - , and the video leads through a new gromited hole in spare wheel well, down interior of passenger side trim up behind front glove compartment,

and into rear of pioneer radio.

The pioneer comes with reversing guide lines as standard, but can be turned off.

I didn't want lines. They confused when backing in to my caravan hitch.

My new camera is central to car, not offset like the Subaru camera, so I can see towball and reverse straight on to hitch.

The quality of pic on pioneer is better than small Subaru screen.

I also now prefer to reverse car using the pioneer camera.

Cost if parts about £20.

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I also, have a 2014 forester with a built-in rear view camera thats displayed on the small screen.


Your solution to fit another camera interests me. However, I do have some questions as follows:


What camera did you use ?...How did you access the rear of the radio to plug the lead in ?


When reverse gear is selected does the radio automatically display picture ?


Thank you in advance.             collie.

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Hi. I bought camera through eBay .

Seller info was first-supply (10332)

Payment went to ebay@xories.com

Total cost £25.34.

eBay item no:



Car vehicle CCD rear view reversing camera back up spy mini cam 120 degree wide.

The camera comes with hole saw drill bit.

I extended the +and~ wires (black/red) to front of car and connected both at rear of radio unit.

There is a brown connector at radio to connect camera plug.

The camera connects as soon as reverse is selected, so u have the little Subaru screen and the pioneer screen.

I fitted the camera to upper rear face of bumper so if I overrun the hitch does not smash the camera.

The camera swivels up and down so u can align it with the tow ball.

Removing the front panel surrounding the pioneer is nerve-wracking!

I used a plastic trim tool, which has a half inch flat end.

Lever the top left hand corner as u look at dash and lever out. The top edge then releases followed by side catches.

You then have to unplug connectors for heater controls etc. (Easy).

Then 4screws to release radio. Careful not to let any cables detach behind radio.

May need someone to hold radio while you attach cables.

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