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Head Gasket gone on 2.0 Subaru Legacy 1997 twin turbo


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Head gasket already went about 4 years ago, so heads already been skimmed by previous owner, i have only owned it for few weeks and its gone on me because radiator pipe had a split in it which caused the engine to overheat. 


My questions to you guys is roughly how much should i be paying for new head gasket and bolts, for head to be skinned ( if it needs it ) and how long would it take an experienced mechanic so he can't rip me off..


Many Thanks SOC Members.



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Have a look at www.importcarparts.co.uk for bolt and gasket prices, theres many to choose from depending so that will give you an idea,

I'd say a day to strip down and rebuild all being well also depends if theyremove the motor, (ideal world where your mechanic can just work on yours) if I'm wrong I'm sure somome will correct me,

Head skimming cost me £ 25.00 last time I had one done, not sure about this but you may not be able to have the head skimmed again. And you'll have to taKe into account theres a pair of heads on a subaru so the other side may need to be done as not to effect the compression, again I may be wrong.

I know of a forester being done at the mo, he's not expecting much change from £900

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Doing only one side is false economy.

I would think £800-£900 for the entire job.

The engine has to come out, be stripped, all parts cleaned, heads will need to be measured prior to skimming to enable you to get the correct thickness head gaskets to maintain the compression ratio.

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