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Engine re build ??

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I have an 03 WRX which has very loud knocking noise coming from one side of the engine. Think the problem is big end related after a mechanic friend had a quick listen . Its got 72k on the clock and has never been modified. I made the mistake of not servicing it on a yearly basis due to the low number of miles i was running a year. So i know i will learn by mistake. (probably a very expensive one)


I dearly want to keep hold of the car as it was my first ever scooby and i have loved every minute i have driven it . i want to keep it as a summer weekend car.  Im wondering if anyone has any similar experiance of an engine rebuild and how much it is likely to cost . I appreciate prices can vary greatly  but im concious of not getting ripped off. 


If anyone has any reputable contacts in the north west who they could recommend it would be much appreciated.

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Big end taping nise should come from the centre line of the engine, not one side. Before you dive in to a rebuild, get a second opinion.

Failing that, drop the oil into a container. Check the oil for glittery flakes or sludge.

Engine rebuild will cost from £2000 and up. You will find places offering it for a lot cheaper but beware. The cost of the new parts alone will be almost £1000 and there is a lot of labour time in a rebuild.

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