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This is my first post on here. I've recently bought a water craft that uses an EJ20 legacy engine, since I hope to have this craft for a while I need to get up to speed on the complete engine and fuel/ignition systems etc.


Does anyone here think it is possible to convert the fuel supply system to single pipe with no return as used in more modern auto set ups? My aim is to reduce the number of pipes and connections involved in the fuel system that are in the engine bay and fit an in tank fuel pump with built in fuel regulator/sender etc. I appreciate this would not be normal practice but perhaps someone will know if this is possible.


I'm still looking for the engine code on this motor, since it came from a replacement engine supplier with no vin I've been scotchbrighting around the block but no code yet. I've found the number 517639 on one flat near the edge of the block at the bellhousing end. The engine is an EG20 with red rocker tops and inlet manifold, non turbo.


Thanks in advance for any help or advice on this.


Steve H

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Tlag is on holiday in the USA driving route 66 at the moment so he will be no use to you whatsoever. And no, I'm not jealous, not even slightly!

I'm sure in theory you could do away with the fuel return line, maybe with some sort of upgraded pressure regulator. Never done it myself though, so that is really just me thinking outloud. Sorry I can't be more helpful.

Oh, and welcome to the forum.

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Thanks for the replies everyone. I'll pm tlag when he gets back from the states  :) .


I'm going out to where the craft is tonight to look for the engine code, ECU code etc. I want to get some spare components for the engine management system once I know what I need to get.



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I would like to carry a spare ECU with me (the RAC don't recover watercraft apparently :) )


The engine is from a 1999 Legacy ECU code


22611 AC840


A18-000 DJ5

Unisia JECS


How easy is it to recode or reset a replacement ECU (with the same part number) to allow  plug and play should the first one become faulty?





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