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ECU coding procedure


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Hello, I've asked on the Legacy forum but thought this may be a better place to try. I'd like to carry a spare ECU that has been coded to the existing sytem so that if for any reason the 1st ECU fails I can swap it out and keep going.

The ECU is from 1998 legacy number :-


22611 AC840

A18-000 DJ5 7Y26


How complex is coding this to the existing system?


Thanks in advance



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As far as im aware you in the same position as me, the ecu's from 97-98 can't be flashed easily you'd need to add on an esl board which fools the ecu and allows mapping, trouble is they aren't cheap around 300quid plus another sum on top for the map.

Your best off trying to find another 8k ( I take it this is the sticker on the front ?) legacy ecu from eBay or subaru for sale sections.

That way you should just be able to disconnect the Battery swop out and be on your way again

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Hi, thanks for the reply. I have just received an identically numbered ecu this morning. The last four digits printed in black are different, I assume these may be detail differences in the ecu as the number is not pre printed.


I have a Haynes manual that I can look through for information on ecu's. I think you may have to disconnect the Battery before swapping it out and go from there. I need to do this anyway just to check the back up ecu is working properly. Hopefully the Haynes manual will shed some light.


Thanks again



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