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Don't wanna **** on your parade mate but if it had he would evidence and want to show it

That engine unmapped with a fmic and decat is going to be have a lot of knock , bad fuelling causing a bad det

Loads of Wrx about for 3k ish

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I appreciate your honesty. You don't pull any punches. I'd love a STI, but i really can't get one for the money i have. Also part exing my Beemer! i did try the one on eBay, as it is stunning, but he's not interested in part ex. 

Still gonna go and check out the original one. he's offered me decent money on my beemer, especially compared to other dealers! I've knocked a few hundred off over the phone, and i'll try and get some more tomorrow.


Any other tips for me? Like an easy way to check the mapping!. If it turns out to be a dog, i won't be driving it home, thats for sure.


Cheers and keep up the honest advice!

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Only way is a reciept

Start from ice cold and listen for any grumbles or weird groans when under a very slight load , like 1500rpm

Check selects all gears correct and reverse slides in Easy , give it some abuse in 4th if it pops out easy it's !Removed!

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Well went and tested 2, including the silver one. It was ok, but in all honesty it was a bit tatty! the second one i tested was in really good nick, has the PPP and most importantly drove superbly, especially on my journey home! Loved it, bought it. On the downside, i really don't like the wheels. All the bits are done, only has 56000 miles. Not too noisy, but has the lovely burble i was after. i couldn't be more pleased.


Do you think anyone on here might be up for a swap, with or without cash?


i'll get some pictures on here soon, and hopefully some nicer ones once i've changed the wheels!

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