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Thinking to buy a Forester


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My father is thinking to get a 2000 or 2001 jdm Forester.

He's found 2. One is a S-Tubo/S-TB (not sure which) and the other is an STI.

My question is what are the specs on these cars?

I google and the information is very vague or contradicting.

Any help is much appreciated.

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Hello welcome, good choice I'm biased though. The s turbo is the name given to the European models where as the jap versions were abbreviated to s/tb so if it's a jdm listed as s turbo but says s/tb at the back dont worry.

They share 90% of the parts from the impreza undrrneath engine transmission etc. So essentially it's an impreza wrx engine 2.0 tubo unit producing around 235bhp

Jdm cars ae better equipped with more electrics and ac as standard and you may be lucky enough to get some nice jdm aftermarket bits.

They don't have low range boxes so if it's going to be used a lot off road bare that in mind. But I've never been stuck and have managed to plow through quite muddy fields.

Gearing is slightly shorter too.

As for the sti version I'm not so sure a bout rhe 1st gen foresters but I assume it's the same as the rest of the sti range.

Better seats and slightly different interior, sti struts springs and roll bars, so will sit lower and ride stiffer, more power and uprated brakes bigger wheels to accommodate the bigger brakes. Slight cosmetic changes on the outside, body kit etc.

Don't hold me to this as I've never seen the 2001 sti foz but thats usually the case with the uprated sti parts,

Anywaybif you have a link to the cars feel free to post up so we can take a peek

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From what I've read online the S/TB is the same as the STI mechanically just STI has a sportier trim inside. But like I said information from Google is very vague and contradicting.

My father won't be using it for off roading but good to know it's capable of it.

Is there anything to look for or check with faults or are these pretty bulletproof?

I myself drive Honda's and am used to engines that go forever but always fancied a Forester. Saw one all kitted out in Japan once and thought that looks fun, lol.

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They are fairly bulletproot, I have ome of yhe early ones which suffers from a bit of piston slap when cold, theres a buying guide in the general chat section which is useful to have a read through as it applies to all the early models. Obviously rust can be an issue depends on how long it's been here, imports aren't generally as well sealed underneath.

They only like vpower for optimum running

& like regular servicing and have a look for specialists in your area as main dealer prices are enough to make a grown man cry.

I'm not sure about the sti version, the s/tb was the 'sportiest' available at the time mine was released so there may have been slight changes in the 3 years. They are a very fast and capable car with a nice big boot

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Hi looking to sell my forester after xmas its a 2.5 xte ppp 256 bhp 2009 manual, a new company car on its way cant run two cars, its in good nick colour is smoke grey 55 k full service history no problems any one interested let me know reluctant to let go.

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So viewed the S/TB Forester today with my dad.

Seems really good. It's only just entered the country and isn't taxed or anything yet.

Is there anywhere/body near London to use for servicing and maintenance that's good?

Like a Subaru specialist kind of place.

Here's a few pics I took today.


15499056878_019fea8ceb_h.jpgUntitled by JKK-EK9, on Flickr


15499247957_64274e8824_h.jpg by JKK-EK9, on Flickr


15499640550_e7845f06e5_h.jpg by JKK-EK9, on Flickr


15064512524_e4eacc55cf_h.jpg by JKK-EK9, on Flickr


15684447265_752ea8316a_h.jpg by JKK-EK9, on Flickr


15499060668_b7b4473cdf_h.jpg by JKK-EK9, on Flickr


15499056598_4fe49ab105_h.jpg by JKK-EK9, on Flickr


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