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finally bottom spoiler !!


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been looking for a sti lower spoiler for months and had no joy! when i didnt want one they popped up 


Then on one the facebook pages one popped up 50 delivered.... Gone strait away DAMN!! 


even was cheeky and offered the guy more money.......





Then noticed down the bottom of my eBay watch list one at a breaker for 99.99 + postage. Bit steep i thought beings the laquer was shot and a fixing missing

its been in my watch list for about 4 months







accepted within 3 minutes!


Happy bunny now!

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I've rubbed it down , took some wet and dry but laquer was all bubbled and pitted ! Out come the power tools !! It's had a one coat primer and sanded again maybe a quick coat of high build primer then 52d and laquer

That will do for now as I want them both carbon

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yeah it's the weather thats the main problem at the minute had so much rain. And I can't use the garage to spray as the ponies that are still !Removed! here  :angry: are next to it I sent one funny last time nearly had to get a vet lol  :lol:

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