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  1. My XV has developed a suspension rattle again and although no actual bush is completely away I am looking at replacing the D bushes on the anti roll bars as you can see they are wearing quite badly. My question is where is the best place to get them and should I go genuine? They look easy enough to do. The car is just under 3 years old but got 67000 Miles on it so not covered under warranty. The fronts were replaced under warranty during the summer but already wearing quite badly. Thanks. Norrie.
  2. Well I’ve managed to cure the clutch judder. When towing the trailer that we have I dumped the clutch and floored the accelerator making the clutch slip for a few seconds and now no more judder.
  3. Was away with the caravan at the weekend and when monuvering the caravan back into its space at home you could smell the clutch. Anyway since then the clutch judders as you Lift the pedal. Now the car is only 2.5 years old with 60,000 Miles on it. Surely i shouldn’t be having trouble with the clutch at this age/mileage? Anyone else had problems and do you think i will have any success with a warranty claim? And yes i know clutch linings are not covered but come on. I’ve also noticed that the belt tensioner is leaking oil. Norrie.
  4. The dealership has eventually got back to me after me asking several times and apparently Subaru don't do an extended warranty.
  5. Been in touch with the dealer and they've had a couple of problems with aerial bases being faulty so here's hoping. Norrie
  6. Wipers aren't covered but there checking on the hid bulbs. Norrie
  7. Yeah I tend to do my blades every year as well and always go for Bosch. I got the 3 blades from euro car parts for £15 delivered. Norrie.
  8. Have now read that they maybe covered under the 3 year warranty which I find hard to believe and also the wiper blades. Anyone heard this? Thanks
  9. Norrie

    Roof Bars

    If you get ones for cars with roof rails they will often fit. Look for some advertised local and just try them. Norrie
  10. One of my headlight bulbs is out. I've got the new bulb but what's the easiest way to replace it? From the inside or take the headlight out? It's the drivers side. Oh and I can't believe how expensive they are. The cheapest I could get locally was Halfords. £30 with the trade card. Should of been £60. Norrie.
  11. Norrie

    Roof Bars

    I've still got the Thule ones I had on our forester and there the same fitting. I only paid £10 used off eBay.
  12. One of my headlights packed in tonight. Where is the best cheapest place to get a replacement. There hid I believe. I can get one from halfords with my trade card for £30. Thanks. Norrie.
  13. Yep. I pick up an old Series 3 Land Rover tomorrow to go up and down my track as I feel I'm abusing the Subaru a bit too much. Norrie.
  14. There snow on the other side so I climbed in and over to the drivers side. Lol.
  15. The red looks amazing you will not be disappointed. As for tyres I fitted.deddicated winter ones and they've been fantastic. Not sure what the Geolanders would have been like. Norrie.