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  1. Hi Folks! My 2010 Manual Outback has developed am issue, looking for any ideas.... Under heavy acceleration, for example in 3rd gear, going to overtake a slower vehicle, foot to the floor, it goes immediately, but then loses power for a split second, then a bang from the rear, the full power and off we go! Also, anyone recommend a Subaru specialist in Central Scotland area? Described it to a mechanic "Thats a job for Subaru!" Thanks for reading guys!
  2. Hi! Exact same thing on mine. Found one on eBay in the same colour, watched a video on YouTube, told me exactly how to do it....
  3. Well yes and no..... All the lights went out the other day, and the cruise control works perfectly again.... back to brand new. So decided to wait until payday to take it in and plug it in. The B900 error code can't be found now. You're in the borders? My mum lives down near Gala. Lots of lovely Scoobys about Falkirk, few of them sit in my works car park. Great sounding machines!!!
  4. Thanks Stuartie, I found that out, and same as yourself.... no idea what it meant. I only trust two garages in my area, and both can't do nothing until Monday. So will wait and see. Thanks again mate! 😁😁😁
  5. Error code B900 Power supply system.... If that narrows it down any?
  6. Hi folks, hope this is the correct place for this question about warning lights. This morning after loading my Outback up with passengers and boot full of luggage, the engine management light came on, the traction control light came on (The light that is the same as the switch down near the handbrake button) and another light with a P inside a circle, with a line through it. This caused it to go into limp mode, and the cruise control not to work. It's a 59 plate 2010 model, 2.0 diesel..... any ideas what is wrong with it? Thanks for reading.