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  1. Update.... "She's alive! She's alive!" Decided to connect negative from battery to engine with a set of jumper cables and all of a sudden Brrrroooooommm.....biggest smile on my face ever....🤣🤣🤣🤣 Have rigged a earth to engine from top earth connection on manifold direct to battery and she starts every time now. Just want to thank you guys for your suggestions 👍👍👍👍 Without your aid probably wouldn't have found it and ended up spending hundreds more on it... Cheers guys very appreciative of your help. Tony.
  2. Okay thanks again for the suggestion👍
  3. Cheers Mattie, Is there any way that this could be the immobilizer? Before all this occurred I thought i had changed the keypad code (as it didn't come with the car?!?!?! 10 chuffin owners!!!!!) did the *17856*newpin*newpin# thingy and it seemed to have worked as when entered the doors locked and beeped twice and then unlocked and beeped twice as normal. ran it a couple of times with no issues and then all of a sudden this. how else can i tell if the immobilizer is the root cause?
  4. Update, have tried a compressor jump pack and all that has happened is increased speed in clicking noise. Doubt its starter motor with that.... or battery. Like i mentioned its like no spark or fuel.....beginning to hate this car 😞
  5. Thanks Mr B will have a crack this afternoon 👍
  6. Nah bud am Rotherham end of Sheffield. But many thanks for the offer and help 👍👍👍👍
  7. No not yet. Strange you mention that the lad from KT green Subaru I spoke to this morning on phone suggested same thing... Even though it's a new battery could this be the culprit?
  8. Clicking and not turning over. Think the clicking is the starter motor trying to spin.
  9. Hey, new member here. After some advice to rectify what is already beginning to become rather annoying. So my Bug 2002 Impreza Wrx will not start..... What it is doing is repeatedly clicking (starter Motor?) I turn the ignition to "On" and get the Droning sound (Fuel Pump?) and then it just clicks and clicks, Like its trying to turn over. What i have done is: Replaced the Battery, Changed the starter motor (2nd hand). I have new spark plugs, and the engine is not ceased (had large torque on main bolt and it turns smooth). When I turn the key the light on the dash beside the clock (Sigma alarm) goes off, so not Immobilizer I don't think. Have sat in car entered the Key code in manually on and off locks doors and bleeps and then again unlocks doors and bleeps and still no joy. I am not near any Cell masts that would prevent signal from the keyfob. And all earths in the car appear to be grounded correctly. Its almost like the car wants to run but there is either no Fuel getting to it (Poured some fresh in from a Jerry Can, Just incase!) or there is no spark to ignite. I am getting rather Frustrated with this one, and any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated Kindest regards Tony.