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  1. hi i want install a catch can on my wrx 05 and remove (or close) the pcv valve. so i thought about doing it like this connect crankcase and right / left head covers together and connect to catch can. (closing/removing pcv valve and intake hose where was connected crankcase breath) it's ok?
  2. now the fuel level work... maybe they left it shut down a lot and the level got oxidized. i buy restrictor pill, 1.2 for wrx 2005, but i dont have hoses and the other restrictions for everything, they cost more then 80gbp. can i only buy restriction and then measure and buy silicone hoses? (n.16385 ,22315,22314)
  3. Ok, the original boost control work well? Or is bette install an ebcs 3 way? For fuel Level what i can do?
  4. hi, i have a impreza wrx 2005 and i have 2 problems.. the first I got gasoline, the gas level took a few minutes to climb, around half tank. From that moment the level has not gone down, even turning off the car... I tried to add fuel to see if it changed but nothing. now I have moved the level gauge to zero by hand and cleaned the contacts on the pump, but nothing, it does not move .. what can it be? level sensor? something that does not make mass? the second problem there is a manual boost controller installed. i want remove it, and make it original then remap,because i dont know what the previous owner do to the car. i just need to connect the hose coming from turbo and wastegate together and then to original boost controller and the other hose coming out from original boost controller to intake ?
  5. I just bought a subaru impreza wrx 2005, and I registered to your forum right away because it's the best one. unfortunately he already has problems and I need help. Sorry for english, i'm italian