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  1. Hi mate, is the de-res still available?
  2. Ah I see, thanks that makes total sense now 👍🏻
  3. There’s a stock bugeye wrx at my work and when it’s crawling around the burble is more pronounced, it might just be me but the 2.5 seems a lot quieter and refined. I only get a whiff of the boxer if I hang on to 1st. Was kinda hoping a de res centre pipe would do the trick but i’ll keep my eye out for a prodrive back box and work backwards if needed 👍🏻
  4. My wrx hawk is totally standard except a cosworth panel filter and a remap which I am perfectly happy with, except for the lack of boxer rumble in the cabin. I know the 2.5’s are almost silent compared to the 2.0’s but what would I need to change as a minimum to get a whiff of rumble in the cabin whilst cruising? Would a de-res centre section on a standard back do it? Or should I look at adding a prodrive back box to a de-res? I’m really trying to avoid noisy exhausts and get a good amount of rumble in the cabin with not much more noise out the back end (bit of an oxy moron I know) any ideas gents?
  5. I’m after a prodrive back box and an de-res centre section to fit my hawk wrx, need to hear the famous boxer rumble in a subtle way. Can collect local bucks/oxon cash on collection or will arrange courier further afield. thanks
  6. Apologies if this is Posted in the wrong place. 2 days into Impreza ownership the CEL comes on suggesting secondary air pump valve stuck open 😒 the 60amp slow blow fuse had blown and the closest Subaru main dealers only had a 50 which I replaced it with anyway, I’m expecting it to go again first thing in the morning now the outside temperature has dropped. So what’s the general consensus with these pumps? Subaru want an eye watering amount to replace the system but i’m aware they can be removed, blocked off and mapped out (I did this on the equivalent system on my old Yamaha R1 which was easy enough) but can these valves be cleaned manually and freed up at all or is it just not worth the hassle? Might be a good excuse to get hold of a prodrive back box and panel filter if it goes to a tuner 😁 Its a 2006 wrx completley standard with 56k on it. cheers guys 👍🏻
  7. Just a friendly hello - I’m Luke currently based in Aylesbury and a first time proud owner, as of Monday, of a silver Hawkeye WRX. Spent the majority of my life on 2 wheels pushing my luck and now a family and young daughter requires something more ‘sensible’. always admired them and only now can I justify owning and runnning one (‘’it’s AWD and has a big boot with isofix babe of course it’s a grown ups car!’’) 😂 It’s completely standard as if it left the factory and has never been modified as far as I can tell, 59,000 miles and the last owner was a lady who babied it for the last 10 years so I pounced on it immediately. Still pinching myself over it’s condition and service history but I intend to carry her work on and keep it pristine, maybe adding a prodrive exhaust and a mild map or STI wheels in silver to complement it. Loving driving it so far, my second day of ownership a young lady parked up next to mine in her lovely black Hawkeye sti to take pictures of them parked side by side so I can tell already Subaru ownership is a friendly place. Sorry in advance if I can’t be of much help technically with them as it is my first, but i’m Keen to get involved wherever I can 👍🏻 Luke