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  1. It has been bought for practicality more than anything but I do miss the pull I got from the Prelude. Has come in useful a few times so far so doing what its supposed to.
  2. So having come from a Prelude to a Legacy I am enjoying the driving of the Subaru - Although its the 165HP it does still lack that oomph, although I wont be affording any turbo versions any time soon. When I got he Legacy there was a noise prevalent around the 60-70mph mark and assumed it was the NS wheel bearing although had been done last year. Also there has always been a fair knock on the NS front when hitting bumps in the road and the drop links were noted in the Advisories so also done these Done the ball joints as these were gubbed too. The ones that came required to be greased so turns out a calpol syringe works wonders if you don't have a grease gun. little weld on the top as ill replace again if needed instead of greasing again. Plus where these go there is no room for the nipples old This was a bugger to get out. New Still hasn't fixed the feckin knocking. Was a quick trip to Arbroath to pick up a coffee machine followed by not being able to get gears. Will cut and weld in a new section remove the silencer. Gearbox off and replacement clutch at the ready but seems there was another issue So currently waiting on a clutch fork from Vlad off the FB site then I will get her back together. I think whilst I have the box out I will do the centre diff brearing as I am thinking the noise at 60-70mph is that.
  3. Currently doing clutch and bearing just now. I would say there is an issue with centre bearings going on these and the noise tends to be prevalent around the 60mph mark. Mines is currently having this issue and I intend on having it replaced whilst I have the box separated from the engine. Having the box off it seems my Flywheel is in decent condition no excessive play or scorching therefore I am not inclined to replace this at the moment as they cost a fortune.
  4. Afternoon all, I picked up a Legacy R estate a couple of weeks ago, got a couple of bits needing done drop links and a wheel bearing nothing major. However what im looking for is the best place to find aftermarket parts nothing major she is going to be the family work horse but will be well looked after. Aim is induction kit, exhaust, window tint and a nice set of wheels. I landed lucky and obtained an induction kit locally brand new so will get that fitted over the weekend some time. Likely wont look to lower the motor so I can still use as intended with the dogs and wee man. Any advise would be appreciated.
  5. Appreciate your help on this. I will get the kick plate off the underside at the pedals and have a look at the switch seems this is a common thing. Cheers again.
  6. Checked the horn this morning working perfectly fine. So only other thing not working is the rear wiper (motor) and the mist by pulling the stalk.
  7. Erm I will check horn tomorrow. The mist option when pulling wiper stalk doesn't work. However the button on the end does. Bar that everything else seems to work.
  8. Yeah pressing the button then trying to set.
  9. Yeah I am pushing end button then trying to put on but still nothing.
  10. Well happy to say I'm a legacy owner. Needs a couple of bits - wheel bearing two bottom ball joints. Nothing serious. Runs well, pulls well, comfy and all round happy. I do have a question I've not had a look into it yet but seems to be nothing coming from the cruise control. When I turn ignition on I can see the set light light up. But when driving I cannot seem to get it to work. Any ideas or pointers?
  11. Afternoon all, I am about to pick up a 2005 Legacy Estate R this weekend and from what I can see it looks like a decent motor its the 2.0 petrol N/A so I believe its the 163hp model? I'm looking for some advise on what to keep an eye out for. I remember the older wagons had rust issues in and around the strut areas. I believe there is a hell of a lot of paper work with the motor all well serviced and sitting around 131k. Ill likely service come Jan with some decent oil and filters. Its going to be more of a family work horse Bikes/Dogs/Kid etc more than anything but I do like the look of it and will likely modify a few parts. It will be my 1st Subaru having come from a line of Hondas (some pics below) Also I bought a Grand Vitara for winter and the head blew so im aiming for this to be a reliable motor. We also get fairly bad winters in the Glens (Scotland) so again will benefit from this. Always wanted a Subaru so hoping I will have a good experience. This is the one I have just sold 2.2 BB4 import Honda Prelude 4th Gen The long term restoration project - Full rebuild with installation of H22 Accord Type R engine. Accord Type R - Was the doner car/engine rust was pretty well on. Accord before that A3 (lasted 3 weeks till I broke it.) Creeping a fair bit back now 1st Prelude Finally my Sol (id have another one) As you can see mainly a Honda background but looking forward to a Scooby for a change and some fun Ill not bore anyone with all the other motors inbetween.