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  1. Fozster

    Considering a newer forester

    This might be worth a bid - no reserve price ...
  2. Fozster

    Jobs to do

    That’s not too bad a price I think. It’s actually not a hard job to do yourself as long as you get a cam lock tool.
  3. Good stuff and welcome back to the Foz family. Best of luck with it 👍
  4. Fozster

    Strip Down started

    Thanks very much. Mechanically it’s nit too difficult, everything just bolts up fine. There is some wiring work to do but again, not too much so hopefully things will go fine
  5. Fozster

    Strip Down started

    So, started stripping the Donor S-Turbo finally, getting ready for the manual swap - much learning ahead I think ...
  6. Just thought I'd throw up a few of the daily driver pride and joy for any Foz fans out there ...
  7. Fozster

    ESL Daughter Board

    Hi Folks, Is anyone running one of these on an SF EJ20? I'm about to manual swap my 2001 Jap S/tb STI and will be wanting to map it as well. No one in Ireland uses Ecutek and i'm too tight to fork out for a syvecs (which would be overkill for what i want anyway!) Cheers
  8. Fozster

    Thoughts.advice please

    Plus one on the SF - mine is a 2001 with 267,000 on it, still pulls like a train, no rattles or squeaks and still has the original head gaskets in place!
  9. Fozster

    Hi Folks

    Hi All, Greetings from the Emerald Isle ! I've had my JDM Forester St/b STI II for about 2 years now - really loving it!!. Came from the factory as an Auto but I'm about to embark on a 5sp swap and then map it. Currently have a 3" H&S Decat full exhaust, vf28 turbo, walbro fuel pump and a fair few handling modifications so i'm looking forward to getting it more driver focused. I'm sure i'll have a load of questions along the way so thought i'd say hi.