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  1. Hi Brack. Question re alarm, is this type of alarm standard on all foresters, and where do you locate the pin,? Is the pad control on the radio or computer thing? Sorry not familiar to subarus as of yet finding my feet
  2. Hi Mr B, Brilliant thank you, oem?sorry original equipment?, are they easy to push out, is it worth powerflex replacements? Is it worth changing any other bush while im at it?
  3. Hi, As before new and in the process of getting my first forester, the AA have inspected the car today and noted the following advisory's pads 45%, Disc have very small lip, and very slight play in the suspension arm bush nothing that strikes a concern, passed MOT. Car has done 49k miles and FSH Me being me want to have it right, where is the best place to purchase genuine parts or very close OE parts other than main dealer's please. I live in North Wales LL18 Rhyl post code area Thanks you in advance of you help advise
  4. Thank you, will have a look, I do have a main dealer with in reach, but they tend to be pricey,, and looking for alternative near by like to support good guys that have a passion for cars not profit.
  5. Cheers, I'm in North Wales Penarth is about 41/2 hrs away. Disco
  6. Hi Mr B, I'm a Mobil one fan, would still need x3 changes per year, ok with DIY general service items, what are the pads and discs like for life expectancy not heavy on the peddles are they a standard push to reset, or wind in pistons. Any recommendations for pads that don't shower your wheels with dust fir these forester's
  7. Hi Mr B, I do between 12k and 18k per year, and some months I can do a few 100 mile trips, could you just expand on the learning issue please, can it be checked out on fault codes? dpf, could this be done of a force re gen? are all engines potential crank one Hi Mr B, Great thank your help, advise, the car I'm considering has 49k pearl white, one owner, and appears to have been very well looked after, it wad advertised at 12450, but it's now at 11500 after some haggling. This appears to be a fair price I think, it got a few extras detachable tow hitch, which has not been used, sat nav upgrade boot liner, mud guards, rear bumper protection all genuine and aftermarket window tint. Good tyres service history need to see book. Passed all MOTs so far. In your opinion is this a fair price no part x cash sale?
  8. Hi New here, I’m just in the midst of betting a forester and looking for help to locate a good independent/specialist to guide help and look after it. Do not made travelling but no further than say Caernarfon, Bangor, Chester Wrexham. Any pointer much appreciated Disco
  9. HI Mr B, Thanks, I do around 18k per year and some weeks can do 250 miles, I work for the water board so travel up to remote reservoirs. Whats PITA?, could you expand on the learning issue, is it something that a firmware upgrade or service could address, dpf , don’t know previous drivers style, can check the codes to see if a force regen, or try and let it do itself? Are they quirky. Im a hardened SAAB owner current 57 9-3 from new has just covered 150k but feel it’s time to change and I like these a lot. Main question is crank, is it all boxer engines, and it’s the luck of the draw? Is there any poss way of identifying if you have an issue, the first things I will do is full service, all fluids and filters, I’m a bit ocd in on these things.
  10. Hi Brack Yes diesel it is on a 13 plate, new shape grill facelift. Asked a few questions on that thread, don’t mind maintenance and service, I drive around 18k per year with some months doing 800-900 miles looking for more family space and work things, I have always had SAABs current 57 plate 9-3 tid just clocked 150k, never let me down but a few things are making me think it’s time for a change, then spotted these and I like them a lot.
  11. Hi Sorry to jump on to this I am just in the process of buying a 2013 facelift "13" plate forester Boxer 2L 49K on the clock FSH. I'm just wondering if this problem is inherent on all Diesels and is there anything that I should look out for ask, or is it just a time bomb? Not a heavy driver and do not tow that often, bit my work does take me into rough terrain and mountain roads, having reviewed these and making general enquiries I believe they are a robust vehicle and last, yet this does throw a question into the mix, I normally hold on to my cars until the death so it needs to last. I am just waiting for my car inspection report as the car is not local to me and so far I have just had videos of the car standing, running and driven, and they all appear to be ok Any advise comments thought would be much appreciated
  12. Hi Seeking your guidance and experience please new to Subarus, I am in the process of buying a 2013 XC forester 49k miles. The car has been very well looked after with full SH, it is located away from where I live, So I have only had videos of the car all round, starting, running and driven. Have requested an independent inspection via AA, but I was hoping for some advice and things I need to look at when I go to settle the deal, I will of course do a full drive test at various speeds and stop starts for 20 mins, but do these cars have any common things that are unseen but can be checked out? Is there any common issues with the AWD system. Wheel bearings drop links springs? I understand they are robust cars built to last. Any advise info would be much appreciated many thanks Darryl