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  1. cheers tidgy and will give give them both a call savage bulldogs cheers for that
  2. Yeah I've been put in touch with duncan at race dynamix so once i finally get my hands on the gear will book in with him, just got to try and get hold of it first.
  3. Hi everyone, just joined up. So I've just re-inherited a 1995 subaru impreza classic wrx (import) after 10 years apart I'm so excited to get this project rolling. My plan is to track the scoob but be road legal as well, I've got a stainless steel de-cat exhaust system already from the down pipe back and a panel filter. I'm looking for parts but they seem scarce on this model and year, FMIC, Induction kit also need a new ecu as its restricted to 112mph. Any help to put me on the right path with suppliers and tuners in this area would be muchly appreciated. Thanks