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  1. i cant see the exhaust hanging much lower than standard its never caused a problem going over speed humps i know what you mean about spending too much but i have to get my sensible head on every now and then , and thats a good price for a turbo rebuild especially for peace of mind that it shouldnt go bang
  2. " tabbed " my rear arches so the wheels dont catch then thought shall i clean it or go get it dirty it dirty 🙂
  3. im trying to stay away from a bigger turbo my last bill was £750 for the exhaust and remap so need to save a bit now plus im still in the doghouse with our lass 🙂
  4. i was told it should be about 330 but need it on a rolling road to be sure im only going on what i was told after andy carr did a live run map it was like a different animal i really had to watch the speedo on the way home but the brakes needed bleeding so couldnt go full on and im after a walbro too just for some extra oomph it is very droney on the way to santa pod 3 hours of drone i was ready to kill myself lol i dont know about the disc size i got mine off ebay front and back rotordiscs delivered for £110 which i thought was a bargain and after a bleed it stops on a dime definitely worth the money and i got some hybrid spark plugs from america never heard of them but thought id give them a go for £15 and there spot on
  5. Hi bud the wheels are 18s there were off a skoda so the offset is quite wide lol and I picked them up cheap and had to modify the arches as they were catching as I do love my kebabs 🙂 🙂 🙂 it took me 3 days to do the brakes as everything was rusted solid sat for 5 hours in the rain trying to get front caliper off then got the grinder out and had to order new sliders 🙂 Im in Morley but used to live 5 mins from Richard Henrys in Bradford but still go to them cos andy and the guys know there stuff
  6. Hi guys just joined as im back in a scoob Ive only had it a couple of months but it was pretty standard when i got it since then ive done the exhaust ( full decat system inc turbo decat ) remapped by andrew carr ( high/low boost switch and anti lag switch ) short shifter , cold air intake , Sti interior stereo upgrade and speaker upgrades , brakes done with rotor discs and mintex pads , different wheels that needed arch modification and a few LED light upgrades ....... please dont judge me on the roof vent thing it was on when I bought the car 🙂 ive had various cars from classic wrx/Sti's and a few blobs to a skyline gtst a porsche boxster S and a couple of Z cars 300 zx and 2 350z's and a few MR2s a gto a fto and more sheds than I care to remember but I had to have that scooby burble in my life again so thought Id try a blob this time lol I love going to meets and shows and have just got my hearing back from the fast show at santa pod last week so definitely up for a meet sometime anyway heres a couple of pics hope to see you guys soon Matty