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  1. I think with oil coolers they are all much of a muchness. Ok so perhaps the hoses are better quality on a Named make but the oil cooler itself will be of similar quality. As long as it has a thermos switch to allow the oil to get to temperature, I think any cooler can only be beneficial to a performance car. Been on the spanners this afternoon. All fitted and lock wired
  2. Hey I might be thick but isn't this topic "Items for Sale"?!?!?!?!? But I won't resort to abuse
  3. Wow No I am NOT thick, but thank you for you Remarks. Noted
  4. I know these headlights aren't every ones cup of tea but if I smash the front end into some Armco ( or when lol) I can re-fit the originals
  5. I have HSD Monopro's. If coilovers are set up correctly they will outperform OEM all day long
  6. Should do, You may have to join the pipes where the turbo is
  7. No Just a cheap kit off \Ebay.£162 Thermo switch that opens when oil is hot so will allow oil to get to temp quickly
  8. This was sat on the doorstep when I got home today. Better get the heater fired up tonight
  9. Right, now changed out the headlights, looked ok with the body painted black but gone for the Halo effect OLD to NEW So have a pair of headlamps inclusive of ballasts for the driving lights for sale if anyone wants to upgrade
  10. Was thinking of a side exit just in front of the rear wheel
  11. BUT tut tut tut It's an equal length manifold so no scooby sound doh
  12. Oh yes. Te new ones have 24 clicks of adjustment as opposed to 14 And the spring rate is harder so I don't need to beef the antiroll bars up
  13. I looked at Pedders but didn't come with the rear adjustable pillow ball mounts, just fixed. Advantages over standard shocks are 1. You can alter the ride height of the car 2. You can adjust the rebound (the rate the shock absorber returns to its extended length. 3. You can make the suspension stiffer or more comfortable by compresing the spring with the adjustable spring platforms. So yes depending on how you set them up and with the weight of spring yu use you can get them more comfortable than OE shocks and have the adjustment to stiffen them up for fast road/track use where as the standard Scooby suspension unit is fixed. Fixed spring rate, fixed rebound and fixed ride height. Hope that helps
  14. Just upgraded to these puppies, so my old HSD's are in the parts for sale section