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  1. 2018 XV. The keyless entry fob is working fine, but I thought I'd try the emergency key anyway, just to make sure it works before it's actually needed. Well, it seems like it doesn't. What happens is, starting with the car locked, I remove the emergency key from the fob, then leave the fob in the steel tin I keep them in overnight (along with the spare). I then go out and try to unlock the car with the key. But I find I can turn it to the right (clockwise) for 45 degrees ish, and I hear a mechanism engage, but the door remains locked. Turning to the left/anticlockwise is not possible. I tried with the spare fob key as well -- same result. What's going on here? Is it broken or am I doing it wrong? Ta.
  2. Thanks yes I'm still lurking. I ended up getting a Stoplock Pro Elite, which fits fine. The steering wheel boss isn't actually as pronounced as I thought it was from the showroom visit, so it's actually probably overkill; the Pro model would have probably worked just as well.
  3. Can anyone recommend a steering wheel lock that definitely fits a 2018 XV SE 2.0i? Ta
  4. Just bought my first car -- a Subaru XV 2.0i SE. Got a good deal on a preregistered car so it was about the same price as a mid-spec Suzuki Vitara, and quite a bit cheaper than other cars on the shortlist like a T-Roc even taking dealer discounts & PCP contributions into account. It's probably a way more capable a car than I need (weekend driving only probably, short trips away, occasional longer ones to explore the country a bit) but I wanted a super-safe car, fuel efficiency is not such a big issue as we'll probably only do 5-6k miles per year so meh why not 🙂. First question to all -- I want to get a steering wheel lock as my XV has keyless entry, but I'm aware the steering wheel has quite a pronounced boss presumably containing the airbag, so many locks likely won't fit. Can anyone point me to a decent lock model that definitely fits? Thanks in advance