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  1. Thanks for your advice I appreciate it. Yes when clearing the codes and driving after the car was running smoothly. Even when running lumpy it idles fine. Going to be a busy dirty weekend hope the weather holds off.
  2. Very true but I enjoy saving cars and if it ends up being something simple could get a right result. Plus I had it driving perfectly for a bit when I reset the codes so can't be anything internally.
  3. I bought a new maf and a new neutral switch if none of them work then I will try the cam sensor just want to try the simple stuff before being bent over by mechanic. Being doing this weekend will keep you updated.
  4. Thank you I am looking forwards to getting this fixed. I had that few moments of driving perfect and it was so much fun. Planning on changing maf sensor and neutral switch on gearbox and hoping it works. Would anyone happen to know any decent mechanics that specialise in Subaru's in the Crawley area or nearby just incase I can't fix it.
  5. I am a new member to the club and to the Subaru's. I bought a impreza wrx year 2001 blobeye that had the engine light on and was told it because its been decatted. It running really lumpy like limp mode. I run my ecu reading on it came up with codes about air mass and missfiring in 3 cylinders. I reset the light and to my amazement it run like a treat no stuttering then after 3mins I felt it stuttering again then engine light came on again. Would anyone happen to know what's causing this can't be spark plugs or coilpack surely as wouldn't of had that few minutes of perfect driving. Going to chang Maf this weekend.