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  1. No it’s fine as long as your car is still roadworthy
  2. Thanks Newman, I’ve got a bit of time until my mot is due I’ll do some digging for a specialist garage in herts
  3. Hi All, New user here, proud and very happy owner of a 2010 WRXS - always wanted an impreza, was looking at a Hawkeye saloon but opted for the hatchback and very happy with my choice! Took my car for mot and failed as the previous owner had unbeknownst to me put on a decat - Subaru have quoted me £734 to put a new one on but as there’s nothing wrong with the car or the way it runs I’m a bit begrudged to spend all that money when it could be spent on mods plus I’ve got the cambelt change due in 5k too. Any advice as to where I can grab a secondhand cat or what you guys with de-cats do for when your MOT is due? Thanks in advance!