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  1. You gotta be careful with saying dealer only, because of the age of the cars lots of dealers will not want to offer a warranty. Additionally some extended warranty companies don't cover over 15 years old. I picked mine up my 2.0 STI in January. So they do come up, but I spent nearly 6 months watching and waiting for the right one (Blobeye, PPP with cert, not Jdm, low miles, stock, and above all in good nick) . I missed out of a beaut for £11k, and ended up getting mine for a shade over £10k with about 46k miles. Look for decent history. Money spent, the car taken care of. Get under the car, look for underseal and rust. Check for knocking rear shocks (I got lumped with these but it's £200 for new ones).
  2. I did look at this. Most 6.5" speakers will fit, with a 19mm spacer. This guy used to 3d print them. but I'll just use MDF when I do it.
  3. 2.0 has cheaper road tax too 🙂
  4. Anyone know where i can get the block/terminals? Keen to finish the job off whilst we're all stuck at home.
  5. It's the one that goes into the cigarette lighter on my 2004 Impreza. I'm either after - the terminal block with the wires cut that I can reuse (Facebook groups are absolutely no help). - the standard block and crimps that fit it, new from wherever I can find them Anyone help?
  6. I assume you've read these web titbits?
  7. I've come from a TT running 19" wheels and hard suspension... Kinda enjoying something softer. 😂
  8. I wonder if the Sachs ones are any good. I think they've got an ok name, but whether or not the ones for the Impreza are any good or not is anyones guess. Yep, on the classic gold, standard 17" wheels
  9. Not sure if this is 100% correct, but wasn't the deal with the "Type UK" setup for the Impreza to do with optimising for the UK roads. You lose that with coilovers surely?
  10. Anyone know where i can find these to download? My car has the Lamco boost gauge on the steering mount that was apparently in the optional parts catalogue. Can't seem to find one to have a look. Keen to see any of the OE factory/dealer brochures/documents etc, if someone can point me in the right direction.
  11. Not wanting to go for aftermarket suspension, just wanting to replace like for like. I have a 2004 WRX STI blobeye (not widetrack). Looking at the Sachs: £118/ea Or maybe the KYB. £177/ea CP4L have another discount code so i can get an extra 17% off. I wonder if the KYB is the same that Import Car Parts sell?
  12. Looking to find some original Subaru mats, my passenger side seems to have one - a proper "WRX STI" branded one. However the drivers mat is just some generic thing, presumably as the drivers one wore out. Anyone know where to find OE mats? Where the ever OE mats offered for the rear passenger footwells?