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  1. Leemo


    I think I will go for them, tnx again.😎
  2. Leemo


    Tnx for the reply guy's, I've been told to go for the pilot 4s any good?
  3. Leemo


    Right so I'm looking for a new set of tyres and I'm not sure which would be best, I've got a Subaru impreza wrx sti uk spec any suggestions would be appreciated.
  4. Good luck mate hope all goes well and your back on the road soon. 😎
  5. When are you getting yours back on track?
  6. Tnx mattiekane she is mint, and going on a rolling road next week to find out the exact Bhp and torque before I map her. 😎
  7. Had my hks racing suction induction kit fitted yesterday i was going 2 get the cosworth panel but was told this 1 would sound good and it does,along with a front strut brace original sti, and on Monday it goes in for sti genome gauges x4 and controller, defi. And a bigger fuel pump, cant wait.
  8. What other mods have you done to get to where you are at now tidgy if you dont mind me asking?
  9. Sweet as I think I'm gonna get the cosworth 1.
  10. Nice1 tnx will get my pal to get his on it when he can, 😎
  11. I bought it from a dealership and as far as they know only a prodrive exhaust but in the warranty book also a prodrive spring package.
  12. My EML light keeps coming on when I'm doing a certain speed any ideas guys?
  13. Ok cool thanks for the input airgordon much appreciated. 😎
  14. I'm gonna get it and see where I'm at, many tnx ROSSCOSM.