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  1. i detached the hose between the pcv and the inlet, and saw some minor oil grease both in the valve, and in both ends of the hose.. could the car be burning oil through this, if the pcv is going bad? I havent noticed anything in terms of performance yet though. The car had been running for almost an hour when i filmed this, and the temperature were above 0 degrees celcius. And i suppose the noise could sound a bit like a diesel engine in the video, but i assure you it is not. Its a fairly metallic sound in real life - a bit clickety clackety almost. (not as deep as rod knock though). Hope this makes it easier to help me do guesswork! 😛 Thanks in advance!
  2. Anyone able to tell me the color of this smoke? Its after a 25min drive, in 5°C so im fairly certain its not just vapor. Dosent have any particular smell, and certainly not very sweet. As mentioned the oil seemed to be just a little high, so im thinking about draining some of it very soon. Ive also checked the radiator for bubbles for about 2 minutes, and couldnt see any. Had to stop, because the radiator overflowed though (i suppose this is normal). No overheating issues, and the car pulls as it should afaik. Also! Any good ideas on how i can post the sound i mentioned? As said i have owned this car for just a week, and are super aware of all symptoms that may have an exspensive fix (as i used all my money on the car)..
  3. Thanks for answers so far! No, the exhaust just smells like unburnt gas in my opinion. Placed my hand fairly close to the exhaust, and didnt get any grease on it either, so im kind of wierded out by it.. I sure hope it isnt coolant, as i picked the Ej20 mostly to avoid leaky headgaskets 🤣 will make sure to check for air escaping at idle when it gets cold after work today. Thanks for the cooling mod! Will look into it!👍 I Will try to post the sound im refering to also when im home.
  4. Hi, i just picked up my first subaru, its a '08 Impreza with a N/A EJ20 engine and 4EAT tranny. The mileage is around 95000 miles. It drives like a charm, but im having some minor issues with it im hoping to get rid off, both for peace of mind, and to hopefuly save some money in the long run. So to the symptoms: 1. The car is vibrating a little on idle (in both D, N and P) and i sometimes almost get the feeling its about to stall (never has though, might just be flashbacks to an astra i once owned). Idle seems stable at around 700-800rpm. 2. The car also has a very noticeable vibration around 2000rpm. I only notice this in N and P, at a standstill. Cannot guarantee that it isnt present while driving though. 3. And now maybe to my biggest concern.. The car has a fairly low (aka barely able to hear it while inside the car, over the fan) clacking/tacking noise. Im in a very cold country, but only hear the sound when the engine is warm, and is idling after a drive. Im sort of wondering if it is some sort of tappet noise. Ive checked the oil and its just over the max line on the dipstick while warm. 4. Maybe related, or maybe not, but i feel like there might be coming just a tad too much white smoke from it, with a weak smell of gas. It might just be steam though (as i live in a cold area). I cant feel any blowby through the oilcap hole or the oil dipstick hole, but havent been able to compression test the actual cylinders yet. The coolant temperature is around 94C at idle. Also ive bought some new sparkplugs just to see if that will help anything (when not sure, always start with the cheapest solution, right?) Sorry for a long first post. Any ideas or pointers to common flaws that might be the cause is appericated! P. S. Ive read up a little, and found out that the 4th cylinder lacks something in cooling compared to the rest, any solutions to this, that might increase the lifetime of the engine?