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  1. Hey guys putting on aftermarket drift works wheel have wheels and boss but need the air bag resistor does anyone know the correct one I’ll need to keep air bag light off? cheers all!
  2. fingers crossed not too bad will be checking soon and get back to you
  3. I’ll check the wastegate arm mate and let you know.. I’ll have a check off heatshields also!
  4. Hey guys.. last few weeks noticing ones off throttle there’s rattle, chatter noise on deceleration as soon as u get on throttle light or hard it goes.. and once off it comes back.. not always but enough now that it’s got me thinking.. exeedy pink box and lightweight flywheel fitted done not even 2000 miles
  5. I have a HKS SSQV full atmos works fine for me.. don’t notice any running issues
  6. Searching for previous owners off my Hawkeye which is now in my hands! Would love to find anyone!
  7. Hey mate! yeah so she’s done some miles 120k.. she’s clean but not perfect has bumps and scrapes but it’s a 14 year old car lol. so yeah STI spoiler, back box, full decat, turbosmart dual port BOV. K&N panel filter, Prosport boost gauge. All sound system upgraded and head unit: exeedy pink box stage 1 clutch and lightweight flywheel That’s probly about it. Now just waiting on a remap for it lol
  8. Hey guys! only just found this site and joined right in! feel free to check out my Instagram and YouTube channel also! #SCOOBYJORDUK in the search looking forward to helping and receiving info from everyone!