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  1. Thanks for the information. I'll check it.
  2. Hi everyone. I've a problem with my 2.0 Forester. The engine management light and the vehicle dynamics light have come on. Again! Any ideas as to whats the problem,and how to cure it?
  3. Hi. I need a bit of advice. I have a Forester 2.0 diesel. I get the engine management light and the light of the car with the line slashed through it illuminated. But it doesn't always come on. I seems to happen randomly. The traction control sensors have been checked and I've been to the garage,and they can't find anything. Can anybody help? Thanks in anticipation.
  4. I bought my Forester off a friend at work a month ago. And I can honestly say,it's a great car. It's my first 4x4. I'm thinking about having a towbar fitted,as I may get a caravan. But that is subject to change. Ian.