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  1. wears hat and boots does he,,drives a horse 🤣
  2. rusty monday 😀 rust i can do....but lateral bolt is goner be a bugger to get out
  3. old ways are the best in my opinion 😀
  4. cars dont switch OFF anymore they just go into standby mode which still uses battery power...old cars,when you switch off they are OFF now power to anything....might be worse with electric car with all the goodies on it
  5. more new parts have come,,,,genuine lateral bolts,washers and nuts from icp
  6. yeah those vitesse and herald are bit funny on handling,,its the rear cross-axle leaf spring layouts (crap idea) bit more research and design would of helped it alot first triumph i bought was 2000 mk1 estate which needed welding in all areas it was 1966 made,gunmetal grey and blue interior it handled very well once tuned up independent rear axle,rear wheel drive manual overdrive(when it worked) was lovely then sold it on as it was far to big for me and the misses so bought browny my dolomite1300,in fact now come to think of it i had had triumphs for 14years ,before triumphs i was a ford
  7. to detect rod or big end knock i use a long screwdriver and place in areas and listen thru the handle ofcoarse put your ear on screwdriver handle,,,good old way to detect problems in engine
  8. cant wait to drive it more then 40-50metres from my neighbour house to felt tight as a drum...i bought it from him cos it needs welding to rear end and drivers sill area.ive owned triumphs for over 10 years now so welding is no problem at all
  9. well,weather is not good at moment so no work has been done but new(2nd hand) items have and bottom spoilers 😀
  10. nice going but hope more paint goes on,,,few bitz are missing paint in some areas
  11. think some of it is down to sales of uk car licence holders would rather drive vw,bmw,mercs and other crap then something decent.........its the way things are going....all come down number of cars being sold by the 100sthousend rather then 10shundreds
  12. only way your goner find out is by striping it down and inspect everything...not everyone has X-ray vision....unless you got superman`s phone number
  13. link works on my pc
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