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  1. got these today....kyb fronts and sachs super touring rears
  2. eurotruck simulator 2 and american truck simulator both on pc
  3. looking forward to an episode of cant pay,will take it 5 i think!
  4. any traces of oil between the engine and gearbox? if there is the rear main seal has gone...alot of people fail to check this and think its engine oil being splashed back from other places which are leaking...oil pressure gauge is a must as its first indication of a problem and not waiting for a light to come on,by that time engine is shot,had it,knackard
  5. best bet is to find someone with a bench or floor press,,,,hammers are old skool no good on new cars
  6. just come thru weld drills.....roll on good weather 😃
  7. £200 pound for set of 4 coilovers or £1000 for decent set of 4 coilovers....its a no brainer really...why are they so cheap! compared to decent set,,,cheap set built to low poor quality..i might aswel stick with the crusty standard set on the car and clean,repaint them trying to find good quality and affordable is getting really hard to find nowadays
  8. is that a crack on the spoke aswel? feel sorry for you after all that work..i would check the suspension,that looks hard impact
  9. so they are S*** and not worth it........thanks for that feedback......item deleted from my ebay
  10. im looking at shocks and springs.....are these any good for my wagon? ebay number 182046550330 maxspeeding rods coilovers has anyone fitted these to a wagon....any advice
  11. brum brum 😀
  12. now you let cat out the bag.....yeah you dont earn no claims and limited to mileage,,,but you can up mileage and make bespoke insurance past cars for 18years are ford cortina mk2 1600e then triumph 2000 mk1 estate and now a brown dolomite 1300 but back too your age they may not insure you til your 25,,,sorry age is a factor...but phone up and ask
  13. insurance is like stock exchange,,,up n down weekly if not daily....ive gone for non-turbo as its same price as my dolomite(see my build thread) and i can add it to my policy for 40 quid and still have same cover as dolomite......sorry but is your age thats goner hamper you...but turbo now and pug it away for 4 years and then insurance is cheaper....when i started to drive after passing my licence i was driving fiat 126 air cooled for 3 years that was really around and also phone up company to cut out middle man fees!....hey its upto you and how deep are your pockets
  14. have you tried quotes on a non-turbo impreza,,,just a thought.....ive waited 20 years for a impreza
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