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  1. yes roof rails are sealed and not letting water in,,,but the rear lights are,but i knew that.....yes 1 job done
  2. thanks jay762 😀 ive seen others on saloons do the same,cut into the tower to gain a better access to the area that need welding but first to make a brace/steady fixing...its the only way to sort out the rusty area properly and only way forward
  3. well,had a good look at it today and im thinking of cut into the shock tower to gain access,weld up the inner section that is no longer there hense why its rust out and come thru,wheel spray has done the damage or is there another way of done it? oh and its on both sides but driver side baddest of the two.....any advice from members on this,im here and waiting anyway had more fun re-sealing the roof bar,fairly easy to take out and put in all sealed up now and water tight,used some butyl sealent,,good tacky stuff that dont dry out roof lining in and ready for finish off,,will leave rest of the plastics off till welding is done
  4. hi all any idea how i would tackle this? there is a hole (fist size) top of shock tower nearest to outer body,anyone done these before and how would it do it thanks for now.......nic
  5. well,,not as bad as i thought is was goner be.....few piece to be made up and also reinforce the jacking point,,,inside i also so good,light rust in places but spray kurust down it and all is covered nicely but il do another spray worth now its gone off and managed to get a air filter 3d printed air intake adapter(pic to follow)
  6. sorted now,,,just went thought some past forum threads and got some info that good for me
  7. hi all has anyone got a picture or pictures of the sill construction area? how it fits together or even a drawing of how it should look like
  8. heres a few more pictures,of coarse there are few bushes that need changing on the rear,,,most of the work that needs to be done is on the rear but that how these scooby are
  9. hi all recently i had the chance of buying a impreza wagon 1998 green auto 2.0 i took the chance..not bad condition overall,good inside,engine sounds good and only done 97000 miles but it does have the dreeded rust factor mainly on rear end,top of shock towers,arch to wheel bowl,driver rear sill section inner and outer,bit on arch lip,passengers side is also sill area and arch lip but not as i found the fuel filler pipe is also gone to rusty heaven is a few picture of it,,,but theres more to come when i start getting in it its a scooby😍 thanks nic
  10. hi all im after a good brake hose drivers side (2pot caliper),,,any one got a good used one that they would sell me im in north notts paypal waiting thanks nic
  11. hi,thanks for the welcome.....its acadia green met yeah theres a bit to do on greeny! apart from the sill,inner and outer,bottom and top arch,and inspect the passengers side aswel overall condition is very good seeing as its 22year old (1998)
  12. hi all just joined today now a scooby classic estate 2.0 automatic 1998 non-turbo look forward to starting a thread and meetings in the future thanks for now nic