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  1. 16” wheels available on jdm performance Bradford if that’s any help
  2. I’ve got a feeling that’s a later badge bugeye up,I’ve had stuff off a guy in Japan really tidy seller he couldn’t get 1 don’t make them anymore,if anyone wants his contact details hit me up
  3. Cheers 😁😁😁open to offers need them moved along 👍👍
  4. On my car when I originally bought it looked alright in my opinion when I put bc coil overs on between that and the lower profile tyres I found the ride a bit hard for my liking so I got a set of standard rims,wheels in fair condition with 4 good tyres if anyone is interested I was looking for around £170 but open to tidy offers thanks alot
  5. Thank you for taking the time to look can get that badge for £39 and as many as you like 🙈🙈🙈but I can’t seem to find the right badge for my Gc8 it would have come with the right badge from factory but someone along the way has taken it off it’s got the Subaru badge think it’s black with the star’s and it really bugs me that it not the correct badge 😬😬😬
  6. That badge is for version 7 up 2 05plate it’s a bigger badge 🙈I wish it would !Removed! fit 😆😆😆
  7. That could be an option 🤔ideally I’m after the pink I badge,I’ve messaged loads of breaker’s most of them don’t even message you back 😆😆
  8. hi everyone I’m all new to this😬😬I’m looking for a pink front grill badge for my 98 version 4 gc8 sti I can’t seem to find 1 anywhere could anyone help cheer
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