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  1. I gather now that this is a dealer only adjusted setting Why I wonder??
  2. Anyone managed to set up the Forester E-Boxer premium to show contacts images on the favourite screen?
  3. I have had my Forester E-Boxer now since 1st March and so far so good. The dealer fitted a new battery prior to collection so there should not be any problem on the situation of fast draining of power. However, being used to either having ONLY the Drivers door opening on ONE CLICK or DOOR HANDLE TOUCH or ALL DOORS OPENING I cannot find anywhere in the settings or user manual to change the setting for this. It seems the default is only the drivers door opening unless one double clicks the fob. But with a hand full of stuff and the passenger door is approached it cannot be opened by touchin
  4. Hi all, Newby here. Picking up my new E-Boxer 1st of March. Read this thread with a tad of concern naturally 🤔 Called the dealer and he confirmed me that his dealership is aware of the battery problem. He confirmed that Subaru are aware of the problem. The dealership, he assured me, have been automatically ordering a warranty replacement uprated battery for all new E's they sell. So mine will have it installed before I collect it. 🤞all will be well when I park it up. Jim
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