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  1. So did you pick a clutch in the end? 700 miles later on my exedy and lightened flywheel have to admit I'm very happy :)
  2. hopefully few others see this and get posting! Not been up the seen in a while and was tayside last leave! might be taking a drive up so if you see a carbon spoilered blob WRX on black 18's give us a wave ;)
  3. the back arms are different although will bolt up but you'll need all the links and bars to change it over, I'm looking into doing a full polybush and need a spare set so been looking at WRX models. Just to say though depends on the price of the bars etc you may be better off grabbing some lovely whiteline goodies or similar bars to improve the chassis a bit if thats what your after? Keep us posted what you discover!
  4. always save the best to last :D back in the civilised world with internet again after about a week of nothing! Hope the room gets some hits and meets arranged!!
  5. Hi Guys Just thought would say hello in this section to get the ball rolling!! Where is everyone from on here? Just to get a rough idea of the various areas we have on the forum! I shall start so don't be shy and say hello! Nvr2lt2sk8 - South Lanarkshire! Cheers guys Danny
  6. With everyones wish lists for christmas i think Santa's sled might need a tune to haul all the gearboxes we want lol :P
  7. See ive been in them for track days in the fiesta's and i found them supportive but as you say on a long journey....different kettle of fish altogether. If i can retain the existing seatbelt i probably will for now, have spied a harness bar made for the blob which allows you to fit it at full extension (im 5ft10 anyways so dont need it all the way back with GANGSTA lean on... lol) will need to measure it all up and see what the craic is :) And ill just park far away from people getting in and i dont have a celebrity flashing moment......especially being scottish, dont want anyon
  8. Ok so intercooler undertray arrived, as stated by the company Goggle EDO performance :) Not fitted it yet but can report back in a couple of weeks about fitment if anyone wants to wait before ordering as im completely unsure if it will be a perfect fit due to being away from the car just now! But it cant hurt to take a look at the website :D
  9. Ouch! just doing a gearbox swap myself after diff bearings started playing their song to my ears everytime i drove! Hope you find a cheap and decent 6 speed soon mate and may the power Increase :)
  10. Depending on Spec might be worthwhile to break it (only if its going to become a major headache and you cant sell it otherwise) they are plenty of breakers out there to see what they would offer you, even one in Ayrshire who is very reputable.
  11. Right guys, As the title suggest this is a question about bucket seats. Managed to pick up two of these for a rockbottom price. and i know a few guys running them in track fiestas, and they are very comfortable for knocking around the track. So i picked them up as intending on making myself an office chair for my house, BUT debating if i have two why not try and fit them to the Subaru for when i take the scooby to Germany for a few laps ;) anyone used these seats in a subaru and what their thoughts are to getting them fitted in and out? would be adding a harness obviously with either mount
  12. should have added chamfered holes in the disc dont give problems B) certain makes have just straight through holes which under heavy braking, wear and tear. Just due to poor finish in the manufacturing process causes them to have raised edges (As mentioned before) which creates stress points. Had drilled and grooved in my other cars (not the scooby so far) and had no issues with them :D Keep us posted as to what you go for, be interesting to see your choice and what your reply is to use etc. as you can see from everyone plenty of information out there and endless choices!!!!
  13. Same mileage/age spec'd ones online with damaged bodywork but fully running engines can fetch decent money, might be worthwhile doing the gaskets, running it for a while, then sell on again IMO.
  14. Done this myself! Heated up the badges with a heat gun (outside and at a very safe distance as not to disturb the paint) until the badges swelled slightly, used an old credit card to remove the badges. Then used some Acetone (nail polish remover) and had a bucket with a wet rag in it and a drying towel. proceeded to remove the glue with the acetone and every so often washed it all off with the rag, dried it off, then repeat until it was all gone. Afterward, good cut and polish then three coats of wax (Petes 53 = top stuff) Looks mint without the subaru badges, only one i kept was the WRX b
  15. Haha thanks Gambit your no too bad yerself ;) lol i use it on nearly every single forum im on!! It was my first ever e-mail address i had as a teenager and i just use it as people never generally forget such a messed up name!! on the plus side ive never been denied that user name either so i suppose its laziness as well in thinking up a new one. always think i should change it but never do lol :)
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