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  1. Gonna try this next. After that i think it's intake cam sprocket?
  2. Swapped the coils/plug caps on units 2 and 4. Used SureFire that were supposed to be 'good' and instantly developed a missfire on 2 and 4. As the coils removed looked ropey i bought 2 used but good coils from the bay. Fitted and the missfire went away again. 2.CHECK INTAKE OIL CONTROL SOLENOID LH. Check the intake oil control solenoid LH. Oil Control Solenoid > INSPECTION Is the intake oil control solenoid LH normal- Diagnostic Procedure with Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) > DTC P0018 CRANKSHAFT POSITION - CAMSHAFT POSITION CORRELATION BANK 2 SENSOR A
  3. Cambelt was changed. Timing was ok but tensioner was starting to look a bit dodgy so that also got changed. Still bag of !Removed!. Advised to do plugs and/or coils next..............
  4. The fault code attached, P0018, if that means anything to anyone
  5. The 'snorkle' that attaches to the throttle body, from the air filter, was creased and partially folded over/rolled. Not a full on air leak but a possibility. The throttle body itself was filthy, very black and oily. Is there a parts diagram available somewhere ? Did the idle re-learn, marginally better,,,,,,maybe. Plugged OBD in and ohhhhhhhhhh There's a difference or error in camshaft position relative to the crankshaft...... at best thats a stretched cambelt It's getting changed at local Subaru Garage (£345 which was reasonable i thought) on Tuesday, fingers crossed
  6. Cheers Justin, I'll maybe have a look round the neareby scrappys or the bay of plenty for some replacements. Didn't get a spare with mine? normal? looks like theres space but all the poly molding etc is set up for not carrying one. Know if it was an age thing or model? would like a spare rather than repair kit
  7. Anybody know the correct sizes and a source for steel wheels? Something like " VW Golf 2010 has the same diameter, stud patern and offset" would be ideal Good winter tyre recommendations?
  8. Hi Just bought a Legacy 2.0 petrol with fresh MOT but got it delivered and it idles like a ******. The fuel level light was on so i filled with fuel, i've gone through an 'idle re-learn' procedure which started well , cold engine, but then got worse and worse. I'm thinking it's the throttle body needing a good clean. Besides idling it runs really quite well. First Subaru, i'm otherwise impressed. Going to clean throttle, change plugs and leads. Any advice. 108,000 miles, no record of cambelt change............ whats the going rate for that at a Subaru garage? ta Milky
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