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  1. Got the prodrive exhaust adjusted & fitted today very happy😀😀😀
  2. Yes its off a 2004 wrx just got to make it fit now hopefully some one will have a pic☺
  3. Finally got a prodrive backbox for my 2004 forester xt anybody fitted 1 on theres if so have u got any pics☺☺
  4. Have u got the exhaust back box still if so what is it☺
  5. Did u sell your prodrive bk box also what year subaru was it off as i want 1 for my 04 xt☺
  6. Can i fit a classic prodrive exhaust back box onto my 04 forester xt or should i get 1 from the same year wrx ☺
  7. Husky11


    Going to change the oil & filter How much oil do i need for my 2004 2ltr xt thanks :)
  8. Thanks what year exhaust did u put on & have u got any pics cheers ☺☺
  9. Going to be looking for a pro drive back box for my 04 xt will it be hard to make it fit ☺
  10. Hi, I need a new tyre on my forester can I just change the 1 or does it have to be all of them thanks :)
  11. Just spoke to the mrs they have arrived:) thanks again really appreciate it
  12. Cheers :) I was wanting the stickers more than the card just to show off the club:)
  13. Will we b getting stickers as they weren't in my pack I've got a space waiting for them:)
  14. I'm sure the stickers were included I've received voucher but no stickers:)