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  1. Pics Sent from my RM-914_eu_euro1_327 using Tapatalk
  2. Been gone a while but have car at my lockup now so started stripping engine,the cam bolts got everyone off but 2 that are rounded what's best to get them off
  3. What sort of price u looking for it
  4. Intercooler finished looks good i think Sent from my RM-914_eu_euro1_327 using Tapatalk
  5. Yeah sure has got it for the intercooler thought might aswell do them got a sti stencil for it aswell just need time to get round and do some more on car
  6. Been painting again hammerite smooth silver well good stuff heres my collection of bits ready to go on soon as head gaskets are done Sent from my RM-914_eu_euro1_327 using Tapatalk
  7. Anyone no how to fit these or fitted one can only find guides for the newer lcd display ones ?
  8. Been offered one cheap so thought it would be good thing will look into that open map mines a ver5 import 280standard
  9. Sounds good savage its a early greedy one was it easy enough to fit matt
  10. Wouldn't be silly with it keep it low do u know how to fit them
  11. Hi getting a greedy boost controller its a old type one just has dials are they good how do u fit them
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