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  1. Fault finally diagnosed............................a loose negative terminal on the battery................crazy, all that stress and a couple of turns of a spanner and hey ho everything is as it should be! just goes to show you don't over complicate things, sometimes its the simplest things.
  2. ah yeah thats the key, unfortunately this morning i went shopping in town,when i returned to the car it point blank refuses to start, nothing, fob appears to be worikng, doing everything its meant to do, just car wont start!! damn thing!!!
  3. immobiizer antenna fault? where might i find that? there are other keys on the keyring, maybe 5-6 but just house keys etc, I have another fob that came with the car, but it doesn't seem to work, infact both fobs have only 1 button, do you think these are original fobs or cheap copies, i have my doubts... <_<
  4. Yeah, cheers for the reply, unfortunately it doesn't appear to make a difference to whether she starts up or not, generally i manage to start her within the permitted 30 seconds, if not then i press the button on the fob, to override the imobilizer, however, if she's having 1 of her 'fits' then she just won't start, only thing that appears to work is key on/off several times or lock/unlock then try again! gets the blood boiling when she's playing up!!
  5. Hi all! being new to subaru, but having always lusted after 1 i recently bought a 2003 forester xt, automatic, nice clean example and i'm very happy with her..........apart from 1 small issue, sometimes and only sometimes (maybe 2-3 times in a fortnight) she fails to start, all ignition lights come on but nothing, no turning over no nothing, sometimes the hazards will flash and the horn will sound, but removing the key, pressing the button on fob clears this and a few quick turns of the key and she eventually fires into life, i notice the car has a keypad and the code was in the book, which works, as i tried it, but even inputting the car will not allow the car to start, anyone had a similar problem?? or have any idea of what it may be? any advice would greatly appreciated :D
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