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  1. Hi Jimday I trained as a motor mechanic in the early 1970s when alternators were replacing dynamos on cars. Our E Boxer Forester has done 2800miles since new in December 2019. The problem is relatively simple, we are taking more out of the battery than the pitifully small mileage and thus the alternator can replace. I've had heated front seats on, heated steering wheel on and on two recent occasions I sat in hospital carparks waiting for my partner to haves treatment coz I'm not allowed in under Covid rules, on these occasions I have sat listening to Amazon Music via Apple CarP
  2. We had an uprated Varta battery fitted in April and even though we've only done 2000 miles since new in Dec 2019 the problem seems to be solved.
  3. Hi Jasper2447, This happened to our 19 plate E Boxer Forester last April after being stood for only 7 days during the first lockdown. The dealer here in Leeds fitted a new and much uprated Varta battery the very next day, at no cost to us. So far this battery has performed well - being stood for 2 weeks when I was in hospital in November without any problems. The dealer said this was a known problem with a batch of bad batteries. Hope this helps.
  4. My eBoxer Forester recently displayed a message on the main screen that an update for the software was available and did I want to go ahead and install it. I was parked on my drive and the car connected to my WiFi and downloaded and installed the update (took 30 minutes). after the update everything seemed ok, but then I noticed that the satnav map was just a blank screen and neither of our iPhones would connect via bluetooth. The dealer tried removing the unit and resetting it but still it would not work, had to order a complete new screen and head unit, being fitted this morning, anyone else had this problem - I'll be turning off the software update after this!

  5. In reply to Dan S, my dealer here in Leeds took ownership of the problem immediately and after testing the original battery and finding it faulty, they replaced it with an upgraded battery. I'm not convinced that the e-Boxer version that I have is more likely to flatten the battery over time but I guess time will tell.
  6. I was under the impression that the original battery had failed completely and not that a parasitic drain was to blame. My reasoning for this is as follows: I started the engine every week and ran it for 20 minutes, after doing this for 4 weeks, the next week the car had no charge in the battery at all - as if the battery had been removed! I think this indicates a faulty battery to me?
  7. My new Forester e-Boxer was totally flat this morning after standing for 7 days. As we can't go out, I have been running the engine for 20 minutes once a week but this morning I just got an array of flashing lights on the dash and no starter action. I put the battery on charge for 2 hours and it then then started, so I ran it for 20 minutes on a fast idle. It's a bit of a worry as we often go on cruises (well we used to) and the car would stand for 18 days at the cruise port, this is my 7th new Subaru and I've never in 16 years had a breakdown or failure not start!
  8. I bought the first Levorg sold in the country - I'm told! A Crystal White Pearl in colour, I put my 2LT XV in part ex at my local dealer in Leeds where I have purchased 5 new Subarus over the last eleven years. The Levorg is a 1.6 twin-scroll turbo and it really shifts and I love it. The front is much lower than all my previous Subarus so you have to be careful of even low kerbs! So far - only 7 days and 400 miles i love driving it.
  9. Thanks Jay762, the colour is called Deep Cherry Pearl and look black or brown under different lighting, but you're right it is a very rich colour and looks fantastic
  10. Two weeks ago I purchased a new XV with CVT transmission and fully loaded with boys toys. It is a fantastic car and despite what some of the so-called professional reviewers say about it, it puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. This is my fourth new Subaru from the Subaru dealer in Leeds and as always they are top notch on sales and service.
  11. Hi Everyone I have owned two Foresters and now have the latest Outback SE i with Lineatronic transmision, fabulous car, I love it already and only had it one month.
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